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You, roast chicken and I

Time flies so bloody fast that I can't really recall what I've done in the past. One thing I remember and would remain closely in heart when 7 years ago I used to cook every day with me bare hands. I could cook all sorts of stuffs and of course our favourite would be roast chicken and spag bol. We had that every flipping week and weekend. We did roasting every weekend and most of the time would be chicken. Well it is part of the English custom to have roast every Soondayy. It is bloody easy to make traditional English roast chicken🍗. You sprinkle all the herbs without salt and shove it in the oven for an hour. The taste is always smashing! Whenever we had guests local or abroad our roast chicken would be on the table straight away. They loved it with roast spuds, carrots 🥕 and parsnip. I could tell you lot that we were good in cooking. Guests would lick the gravy off the plate! They would remind me how good the roast chicken was even after years they had had it. We were l

Fav Film. Do I have one?

Don't really watch movies nowadays. With Netflix gets in the way that makes life much easier without a thought of asking people to come along or watch them on your own. Get bored with the same shitty old remakes, villain and plot.  They'd start with something good for about half hour, villain appears, lose in battles but get up to fight and all is well at the end of it. But hey my favourite could be Bend It Like Beckham. Watched it many times. Didn't know why I was so into it. O yea I did like Ms Knightly at that point and I think I would watch her in every movie that she was in. There must be something else that had driven me to watch it so many times. Couldn't be me dreaming to become a footie player no way! Not my cuppa tea at all! I am so lady like so I guess that must be the actors. I liked it when Jess was having a strop with Knightly! Or probably about two besties trynna get a place to be in a footie team. Speaking of which, I used to like football a lot! B