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Eeerie Scary-gery

I've had a foonny feeling about an unwelcome bit in my precious bod.  I knew it ages ago, got a bit scared but I dun nuthin about it.  But I'm not gonna go into that again.  I thought I would do it IF I got a bumpy tummy as I wouldn't want to scare my lil offspring.  Well, a know it doesn't make sense as if the lil fella/lass would understand if I feed em with a scar on it or it would interfere my milk duct.  Well you never  know.  But so far it doesn't happen..... yet... and I think I better do something before anything coming on to my plate.  It rocked my world when I felt it again in January.  It was still there, and I had to ask few people about it. They said, REMOVE IT!!!  Well I don't really need to use three exclamation marks, I am just exaggerating.  I even called the woman who had me 9 months in her tum, and she said go for it.  So I shot off to my GP in a jiffy and had it done! Well I only had to wait a few weeks before the scary-gery. I dunno...the

New tops and bo'oms!

I fookin love the sales! It's always in me head and I waste no time when sale rings the bell! hahhahahaha. But fookin good sales come just one-off and you won't get anything be'er if you miss it.  Yea I'm talking about designer sales and not about closing down sales.  Closing down sales have become a culture and are so common to pull the gooeey buyers like me.  It's fookin foony coz they never close down even after years of sales.  That's what I thought initially and I took it seriously! LOL!  Yea the 'billboard' says closing down but you never shut you fookin store.  *smack me forehead* . Don't be daft, pottymouth! They're having a laugh!! They've fooled you, literally!!  But they are genuine sometimes.  Plus I don't give a monkey if they're not.  What could you possibly lose with a tenner or a fiver tops and bo'oms?  I even bought a 2 quid knitwear the other day from Tesco.  I've got no complaint! A know that I am still rec

Bosoms of the day

There are women in the world who literally do not know how to give a little bit of attention to their titties. They could feel a bit left out as we women normally give a sausage about face and hair.  A bit unfair for titties coz they are always underneath our fancy tops.  It's just because we don't have to take our humps out and stay where they are, that doesn't mean we have to abandon 'em.  I'm speaking for myself tho.  I often check my property before I lock my case.  I am aware of stuffs sometimes.  I get scared. But hey, sometimes I miss my daily check up too. A visit to my GP few weeks ago triggered my worries and awareness of my titties.  I waited in the lounge and came across a leaflet about titties anatomy diagram.  I rolled my eyes and still lurking around any leaflet that caught my eyes.  Well I would stick to this one about titties diagram.  How on earth do I not know that?! That's not very clever of me.  Yea I read that carefully and there were coup

thy love that I love....

To the man who knows me like a book, and somehow eats the things I cook... To the man who puts up with my every whim... and makes up when I'm mad at him.. To the man who sees me when I'm not a beauty... To the man who assists with household duties... and when our budget's out of whack, he somehow gets us back on track... To the man who is my helper, partner and advisor, To the man who is also a nice surpriser.... the one I rely on, whatever the weather... I never know I would be so chuffed in life. I see rainbow in a big way ahead me.  There are so many colors  next to each other.  I have all of them.  Each color shines my life.   It's a blessed relief when you finally find someone that you could share your love with.  It's like the years are shaping up to be a happy moment of your life.  I am overjoyed for what I've been given.  We've got love,  some roofs on our head, a bit of nosh and dosh, a cinema to go to,  take-aways if we just want to wind up, a li


....................................  thought she was kiddin' me.  Thought she was winding me up to see whether I've got the ball to stop her.  I thought it wasn't true and I didn't want to believe it.  It's hard to believe it.  She kept banging on and on about shifting her arse to somewhere else.  But I haven't got a clue about the whole situation.  The situation where she couldn't be arsed to stay longer to serve her sweat and blood. We're not elated anymore being there.  It's really get on our nerve seeing people bossing around right under our noses.  Everything has changed ever since the colony sets their foot on our territory.  The regime hasn't worked on us.  They're doin' jack, we're doing a lot of shit.  We feel like we've been pushed to the back door.  Sometimes we are like little androids waiting for orders and being grounded in an awful cellar.  And it's not the same anymore.  I thought she's alrite with it.  


Few days before last Soonday my other half mentioned about having a good steak.  A know we haven't had any meat (except haddock for the week).  We've been tryin' to lose a bit of stones and opted for fish, vegs and smoothie.  So fancy having an avocado, carrots,ginger and celery smoothie? hmmm.  We eventually had the steak with some vegs and spuds and he said I just mentioned it and you bought it.  Well...they are meat love dear.  (I don't like seeing him in a supreme disappointment) I've doone shoppin' the day before his birthday.  I was takin' a big risk if I really cocked up this time especially bu'er cream.  He's longing for muppets cuppies and I had a look and there was no way that I could make his dream came true.   Time's tickin' and I was gettin' a bit panicky. I could feel the heat and I couldn't mess up this time.  My right thumb hurt a bit as I was doing the mixtures.  I had to hang in there, I kept doin' it coz the co

Doin' jack in motherland

The word homesick has been hitting me lately.  I couldn't think straight as my hommy-fever has made me a bit poorly.  But I have to put on my brave face that I'm alright.. no biggie..... we still check on the flights and see if there are any good deals comin up.   We've found a couple...Emirates and Singapore Air.  A know I fancy stop-over flights especially for a long-haul trip.  Come to think of it, it's just doin' my head in actually.  It will wear you out, double touch down and take off, get in and get off the plane.  But the price is bargain!  Can't get any cheaper than that with Emirates.  Flown with 'em before.  All the fingers and toes up for Emirates. Satisfying nosh with less dosh!  The journey was smooth and I couldn't get my eyes off the female cabin crews' little hats.  They've got different uniform tho. If it's not because of the nation credit crunch(bugger!),  I would have been able to get the direct flight.  Singapore Air is

A storm is brewing!!

I facilitated a bad day today! I was deliberately rude today. The dick's been winding me oop ever since the dick came.  One thing I know- the dick's jeopardizing my path.  Am in a comfort zone and the dick's trying to ruin it.  That's what I think. The dick is a bosssyy boots,  always trying to be busy but the dick's done nuthing.  The dick's dooone sumthin to make the dick looks good, but we're not sure whether is going to work or not. The dick has passed through my line today! I thought the dick gets my gesture as I have drawn a line ever since the dick first says hello to me.  I prefer if the dick stays away from my zone.  But today I had to be rude to the dick because I felt sick when the dick stood near me.   My nose was very sensitive.  I could smell sumthin from the dick.  I think the dick needed to go to Boots.  So I used the reason to be rude-ish when the dick said sumthin to me.  The dick said I was supposed to do this and that but I couldn't


Utterly annoying! I thought I'm gettin' baee-tter.  Not better-ish at all. My workmate told the same problem the other day and she said, I'm not alone then, I've got you and my daugh-er.  She's gettin' like me!  I was not supposed to let the cat out of the bag about me OCD, but she mentioned it tho.  She said her daugh-er was flemmin' scared when she accidentally tooched a bit of gunk on a vending machine.  (honestlay, I would soak me finger in a hot boilin' water to kill all the germs too!).  Don't be daft! Nuthing's gonna happen.. it's only a flemmin' gunk not blood! It is quite embarrassing if you've got this shit habit.  A know my other half notices that.(but a know he takes the mic behind me back!hahaha).   He sees me checking the cooker with me hands before heading off to somewhere. Course it's alright! The fire alarm will go off if something's burning before you leave the door. But I do it all the time.  And to top up

What is my thought for soooonday?..

I haven't got a fookin clue to make the words dancing flawlesslayyy on ice.. nope... not on ice silllehh on your very first blog. I haven't got any fab juicy fruity smoothie stories. It's just plain cotton. But hey, there are bumps and humps too. Who doesn't eh? I'm sure there are loads of ways that I've gone through that you haven't been to and vice versa. But anyway, I'm sure people's bits and pieces including me, you and you and you out there, yea you who are biting your nails, ahh you're still biting your fookin nails, I mean bit and pieces around us do rub off on we as human beings. AMANDA HOLDEN- story that hurts. Heartbreak for Amanda! Well she's a TV presenter/reality tv show judge/celebrity in the UK.  She had a miscarriage when she was 4 months pregnant.  To be honest I don't remember when and yesterday she lost another baby. Well I'm not at the right place to talk about this as I never have a bump in my tummy. She's 7