Eeerie Scary-gery

I've had a foonny feeling about an unwelcome bit in my precious bod.  I knew it ages ago, got a bit scared but I dun nuthin about it.  But I'm not gonna go into that again.  I thought I would do it IF I got a bumpy tummy as I wouldn't want to scare my lil offspring.  Well, a know it doesn't make sense as if the lil fella/lass would understand if I feed em with a scar on it or it would interfere my milk duct.  Well you never  know.  But so far it doesn't happen..... yet... and I think I better do something before anything coming on to my plate.  It rocked my world when I felt it again in January.  It was still there, and I had to ask few people about it. They said, REMOVE IT!!!  Well I don't really need to use three exclamation marks, I am just exaggerating.  I even called the woman who had me 9 months in her tum, and she said go for it.  So I shot off to my GP in a jiffy and had it done! Well I only had to wait a few weeks before the scary-gery. I dunno...the thought of goin under the knife again... it's not very nice.  I'm not yooong anymore.  Greys are sticking out a bit.  My courage has been deteriorating, not sure due to my age or meself.  But I don't want to keep it.  I think I haven't got a choice, have I?  Hang on a sec, I was due to have it done on Monday yea, but I was trying to look for it again on Friday.  It was still there, but it's gettin smallerrrr!!!!  The shower was still pouring on me head, I couldn't be bothered to turn it off.  I stood there and had enough.  The bottom line is... I have to go under the knife again! I tried to put on a brave face the day before the actual day.  I was still thinkin about it while we're on our way.  I could walk out from the theatre and said, ''look docs, I don't think I am up for this, I'm too bloody scared!" or I could disappear just like that.  I could feel my legs turn to jelly when we were inside the building.   I kept my fingers crossed that everything's gunna be alright.  We sat on our bo'om when they were doing my paper work.  I was a young woman on the edge.  I was the only young person for goodness sake! The others were all fully grey with wrinkles and sticks.  I looked at the clock and the hands showed quarter past eleven, another 45 minutes before the show began.  Sorry, I should put quotation marks on the word- show.  I rushed into the loo, dun a bit of wee.  Then, I kept going back and forth to the loo 'til the hands showed half past twelve.  Blimey!! I couldn't believe I had so much water in my body! I had a piss 8 times in about an hour and a half.  It's blimmin' alot!!! It's gettin' on me nerves actually.   The trips to the loo was just doin' me head in.  My concern was not about the scary-gery for about a couple of hours.  It's wee too scary!!! They called me in about half past 12 and my fear started to kick off.  My head was all over the place but I tried to stay focused and prayed.  We got a bit of a free trip on our way to the suite.  But sadly, there were a few beds and curtains in the suite.  And I suddenly remembered why the hell the tour guide used the long way to our suite? I could see the check-in desk and the wavy-haired staff from my suite.  Odd.  I was told to wait and I finally sat on a green armchair.  I was twiddling me fingers whilst waiting for someone to say hi or to give me sumthing or to say whateva they had to say to me.  But I couldn't help meself to have a piss again.  I was just tired.  The shit rolls were not there for me only.  They were for other people as well.  I tried to be considerate, but I got full of piss in my bod every time I sat on the loo bowl.  There were two people had a natter with me... they were very nice, they even checked my BP, interrogating me...  A know they were just doing their work, I got a soft spot on 'em, the very least they could do to alleviate my worries. I got changed to a lavender suit.  It's not very flatterin' but I had to wear em.  Someone "knocked" on my door (curtain) and said, "are you ready? have you taken off your knickers?".  I was like, what?  I couldn't sit in the theatre without my knickers on.  She was frowning, and thought I was making a bit of a fuss.  She went off, popped in again and said, "sorry, you could have 'em on if you want".  Well, that's alright then.  (How could you go to a theatre without your knick knocks ehhh). Twas only a small theatre.  There were four main characters.  Two of 'em introduced themselves and tried to make me feel at ease.  I supposed I couldn't walk out anymore.  I was already on a hard steel bed when they started talking to me.  She kept saying, "you're gonna be alright, it won't hurt you".  I looked around, I saw four spotlights above me head and the main character appeared for the final straw.  He laid his index stick on an arrow where they would perform their show.  His gob was right to my left ear and whispered, "yea it's gettin' smaller, don't worry".(Whateva you say...)....  I was a bit thrill to wait for the anesthetic where I couldn't sense any sensation.  (I've dun it before where they sedated me half of my body. I could still feel what they did to me, but thankfully no pain involved). I tried to remain calm and relax.  Chill.. I told meself.. I was a bit impatient with the whole process... I was still wide awake, me eyes rolling around, I could see 'em.  Where's the anesthetic that they were on about?  Then I saw one of 'em sticking a needle into my thin skin.  Ouch.. not very pleasant!  I felt nuthin'.  But A few minutes later, she told me, "we gonna put you into a deeeep sleep.." .  It was an odd feeling.  The lights were still above me head, they were whites, they were ready to perform.  There was something coming in to me, twas heavy, me eye lids weighed a stone.  And I knew the show would be in a split second once I shut me eyes.  My eyes were shut into a deep long sleep.........


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