thy love that I love....

To the man who knows me like a book, and somehow eats the things I cook... To the man who puts up with my every whim... and makes up when I'm mad at him.. To the man who sees me when I'm not a beauty... To the man who assists with household duties... and when our budget's out of whack, he somehow gets us back on track... To the man who is my helper, partner and advisor, To the man who is also a nice surpriser.... the one I rely on, whatever the weather... I never know I would be so chuffed in life. I see rainbow in a big way ahead me.  There are so many colors  next to each other.  I have all of them.  Each color shines my life.   It's a blessed relief when you finally find someone that you could share your love with.  It's like the years are shaping up to be a happy moment of your life.  I am overjoyed for what I've been given.  We've got love,  some roofs on our head, a bit of nosh and dosh, a cinema to go to,  take-aways if we just want to wind up, a little couch and double to curl up to (we call a bit of traffic at north circular if it gets too stuffy),  lazing around in dressing gown,  notebooks to share our thoughts when we are next to each other, a fridge and a freezer to make something with love,  selection from lovefilms to enjoy action and thriller and a boiling device where one of us would say, shall I put the kettle on dear?  I love every single thing that we share, I love every single thing that we do, eat, go and bla bla bla.  We hardly bicker to each other and I see no point of doing that. I think most women out there would want to spill the beans on how they feel for their loved one.  We are all gobby sometimes but we keep it to ourselves coz action speaks louder than words. We wish to tell the whole world how much we love our other half.   We wish to tell our other half how much we care for them.  But time will never give us a chance.  We get hooked up with day-to-day routines.  We do say the word love even every single day but for some reasons there are not enough for some people.  I've never thought it would be so hard to prove that you love someone. You're perfect for me. You're always be.  I miss your love. Love you from the bottom of my heart, your sausage


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