Bosoms of the day

There are women in the world who literally do not know how to give a little bit of attention to their titties. They could feel a bit left out as we women normally give a sausage about face and hair.  A bit unfair for titties coz they are always underneath our fancy tops.  It's just because we don't have to take our humps out and stay where they are, that doesn't mean we have to abandon 'em.  I'm speaking for myself tho.  I often check my property before I lock my case.  I am aware of stuffs sometimes.  I get scared. But hey, sometimes I miss my daily check up too. A visit to my GP few weeks ago triggered my worries and awareness of my titties.  I waited in the lounge and came across a leaflet about titties anatomy diagram.  I rolled my eyes and still lurking around any leaflet that caught my eyes.  Well I would stick to this one about titties diagram.  How on earth do I not know that?! That's not very clever of me.  Yea I read that carefully and there were couple of eyes glaring at me and I just ignored it.  I felt sorry for myself that I figured out the diagram at this age.  Thanks to reset my awareness bu'on again. How could I forget to learn the anatomy of my precious apples?  The info could become handy but for no reason I put it back where it was belonged coz the doc called me in... In regards to what I've just said, I'm utterly elated at some people with full package.  I'm alright.  I'm happy for meself.  The thought of going under the knife scares the hell out of me.  But there's nuthin' wrong if we look at someone from top to toe and in a split seconds our jaw drop enjoying the breathtaking view.  Some people are just so lucky.  The Kardashians are lucky, aren't they?  I've looked up on the Internet whether their whoppers are real or not.  Some say yes, some say not.  Doesn't bother me to be honest.  I first looked at the show where they were lying by the pool.  The white two-piece made the whoppers stood out.  It looked perfect.  They were just so perfect.  With a life time guarantee face and bod, I think they would be a legend!  They blow me away!!! hahahhahah


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