New tops and bo'oms!

I fookin love the sales! It's always in me head and I waste no time when sale rings the bell! hahhahahaha. But fookin good sales come just one-off and you won't get anything be'er if you miss it.  Yea I'm talking about designer sales and not about closing down sales.  Closing down sales have become a culture and are so common to pull the gooeey buyers like me.  It's fookin foony coz they never close down even after years of sales.  That's what I thought initially and I took it seriously! LOL!  Yea the 'billboard' says closing down but you never shut you fookin store.  *smack me forehead* . Don't be daft, pottymouth! They're having a laugh!! They've fooled you, literally!!  But they are genuine sometimes.  Plus I don't give a monkey if they're not.  What could you possibly lose with a tenner or a fiver tops and bo'oms?  I even bought a 2 quid knitwear the other day from Tesco.  I've got no complaint! A know that I am still recovering from the scarry-gery.  But I couldn't help myself gettin' out of bed to pop over to Tesco for the 1/2 price sales.  I saw it the day before to collect our new breakfast corner.  I tried a few tops and bo'oms but they didn't fit me.  Anyway, the undergarments didn't disappoint me.  Bargain! Well at least I've got something to do for the night.  Something useful. I tried to get rid some of my old knick knocks and yes I got a bit of help from my other half.  Some of 'em were very very old.  They were quite ancient but still very good tho.  I think they've served their purpose and the bin would probably be hungry for 'em.  I was still sorting out my worn out knick knocks and my other half suddenly said, you should have a new wardrobe. And I turned around and said, why not!  Well I do need a new range of clothes.  I keep wearing the same top and I won't be surprised if someone grabs the moment to warn me about that in no time.  It happens in Zuckerberg's world. Don't tell me I didn't warn you.


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